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Ismael Rodriguez


As a former Firefighter, ambulance medic, pizza delivery guy, athlete, guitar player in a rock band, roadie for a country band, and member of both the US Air Force and US Army, Ismael Rodriguez has a wealth of life experiences to pull inspiration from. As well, as living in several countries and understanding over five languages, all before the age of 60!


A father, brother, husband, and middle child, Ismael has been telling stories as long as he can remember, and he loved sharing them with his four children when they were young. Now he enjoys writing a wide variety of different types of stories; from science fiction, YA short stories, horror, fantasy and even poetry from time to time.


Ismael lives in Washington state with his wife and father-in-law, enjoying life among the evergreens. He is an amateur woodworker and RPG game player, and writes when he can.


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